Network Testing and Service Assurance Tools for the Wireless Generation

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Wi-Fi is a critical business asset

With more and more vital applications such as VoIP, Video and Enterprise applications being delivered over Wi-Fi networks there is a growing need for real-time network and service visibility.

Epitiro is the world's leading provider of comprehensive WiFi network test products that enable carriers, enterprises, education and healthcare professionals to ensure high performance and end-to-end monitoring of services and applications in production Wi-Fi networks.

The Streetwise™ advantage

With large numbers of distributed access points, how can you ensure you are meeting service and quality expectations at all times? You need the Streetwise™ advantage.

Real-time monitoring identifies issues quickly and reduces downtime
Ability to troubleshoot remote sites instantly - across your entire network
Save costs - validate any reported issue is real and require action before a site visit
Save costs - optimize your existing Wi-Fi assets before increasing spend
Save costs - reduce support staff overhead

Proactive Wi-Fi Performance Testing

Streetwise™ takes you beyond the network to really understand end-user performance. You can remotely and proactively validate service quality at all of your remote sites, set alerts and troubleshoot on demand – all without the truck roll.

Can users get network connectivity?
Are users seeing the correct captive portal log-in page, if at all?
Can users associate and authenticate quickly and easily?
How long does it take to get a working connection?
Can users access their mobile apps and online services?
Are other networks interfering with performance at remote sites?

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Proactive Wi-Fi Performance Testing

Plug & Play for easy deployment

Streetwise probes are quickly and simply deployed wherever you need to monitor service quality. Test against any SSIDs, APs, validate accessibility including captive portal, WPA/WPA2 and EAP/TLS, run network QoS tests, verify application quality and view all results in real-time. 

Deployment scenarios

Proactive Backhaul Testing made easy

Streetwise™ for Ethernet addresses your Ethernet and Backhaul monitoring requirements and provides service delivery quality and remote troubleshooting in a single, scalable and cost-effective platform. Comprised of distributed, low-cost probes and the centralized Management and Analytics System, you can remotely troubleshoot and validate end user app performance and network quality across the entire network in real-time, without having to incur the costs of unnecessary truck rolls or resource allocation to validate issues.

Test the network in the same way as subscribers actually use it
Layer 4-7 network quality and Layer 8 app quality reports
Detailed real-time reporting for quick fault identification, diagnosis and repair
Commercially scalable to thousands of cell sites with centrally-managed reports

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Proactive Backhaul Testing made easy

Measure. Manage. Deliver.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet support
Continuous testing
Indoor and outdoor deployments
Real-time monitoring of remote sites SLAs for managed networks
Pre-defined thresholds
Automatic alerts
Real-time and historical reports

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