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Telecom wireless and cellular performance

Wireless is the way your customers connect. Wi-Fi, DAS and small-cell deployments integrated with macro-cell service provide seamless coverage and availability. It is no longer sufficient to simply connect a building. Full-service telecom providers ensure content and services to all locations where their customers work, live, and play. The best wireless service wins the most customers.

With so many connected devices and billions more coming on line with 5G and IoT, a high-scale, low-cost solution is available to support your goal of service and connectivity everywhere. It is now possible to know how your services are being delivered at almost any location. With Epitiro, it’s like being there!

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Neutral Host Venues

Stadium cellular and wireless performance
Excellent wireless service in your venue enhances your customers’ experience and provides greater business opportunities for you. You can run your business operations and enable your partners and vendors to run their businesses on your wireless infrastructure. With carrier-grade service, you can enhance your return on investment by off-loading cellular traffic in partnership with wireless carriers.

If you’ve invested in Wi-Fi/DAS/Small Cell infrastructure and need to show your customers and business partners how well your services work, contact Epitiro. If you want to ensure your telecom service providers are delivering what you pay for, let us know.

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Business wireless and cellular monitoring

In retail, better wireless service often means better business performance. Whether you are a global retail chain with sophisticated location-based promotions, you have your own customer app, or you’re a small independent coffee shop, if your wireless service is great, your customers stay longer, spend more, and engage with your services. Additionally, you get to confidently run your services and connect your computers and Point of Sale devices over the air, saving time and money.

If you want to ensure your service is competitive or best-in-class, you should contact Epitiro. If you’re worried that you’re spending a fortune on telecommunication services that are not delivering, we can help. Contact Epitiro to measure and benchmark your wireless performance.

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Business Enterprise

Business cellular and wireless monitoring

Wireless has replaced Ethernet for employee and customer connectivity. No more cables plugged into walls to connect. When you can provide customers and employees with connectivity anywhere, productivity and results improve. Poor wireless service puts you at a competitive disadvantage. When your wireless doesn’t perform, your employees and business suffer.

Mission-critical services depend on a fast, reliable, and high-quality connection. With Epitiro, you can show your stakeholders how reliably and how well key services perform, using the metrics that matter to them. Compare your service to industry benchmarks and Service Level Agreement targets. It can be as simple as putting a plug into a power socket.

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Service Provider

Service provider wireless and cellular performanceTo provide the best telecom services to businesses, you and your customers need to know how well those services are being experienced where it matters – where the users are. User experience cannot be measured at the switch or inside the router; it can only be measured where the customers are and by doing what the customers do.

Epitiro allows you to automatically measure, report and benchmark the performance of the services customers are using. Because the system runs on the same operating systems and devices that customers use (Android), it gives the most realistic measurements of what the user experiences.

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IT/System Integrator

IT system cellular wireless monitoring

Integrating complex technology from multiple suppliers and then delivering seamless IT services to your customers, wherever they are, is a growing challenge for every IT professional. Knowing how the service is being experienced at all key points of delivery and providing benchmarks to your customers just got a whole lot easier.

Using Epitiro, you can remotely measure, quantify, troubleshoot and benchmark the services you are helping to provide. Demonstrate to your customers that you provide best-in-class performance. Set automated alarms and actions for any system or performance issues. React and resolve problems before your customers are even aware of them. Update and deliver automated performance reports from anywhere.

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