Wireless Quality and Service Assurance for the Mobile generation

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Wireless matters. Social matters.

Wireless networks have reshaped our lives. 

We're the generation who rely on wireless devices for work and play and life.

We need to stay connected. To everything.  All the time.

• Smartphone users access apps and mobile sites eight times a day

• People spend 21 hours per week on their mobile device

Over 2.5 billion mobile devices will be shipped in 2014 

Wi-Fi is the go-to network

With Wi-Fi deployments increasing world-wide, it is now the go-to network, offering additional capacity, improved coverage and enhanced capability.

• 58% of us prefer Wi-Fi over 3G, 4G LTE or wired access in the workplace

• Wi-Fi hotspot deployments will double in the next 4 years

Over half of all mobile data traffic will be off-loaded to Wi-Fi in 2014

Streetwise™ - It's like being there

Streetwise™ probes for Wi-Fi networks take you beyond the Access Point to the world of the subscriber. With Streewise™ remote monitoring for Wi-Fi, you can remotely validate service quality, set alerts and troubleshoot on demand – without the truck roll.

Can users get network connectivity?
Are users seeing the correct captive portal log-in page, if at all?
Can users associate and authenticate quickly and easily?
How long does it take to get a working connection?
Can users access their mobile apps and online services?
Are other APs transmitting on your frequency and channel at each local site?

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Streetwise™ -  It's like being there

Managing Quality - Without the Truck Roll

That’s the challenge for Wi-Fi service providers.

Q. With thousands of access points to manage how do you ensure each one is meeting quality expectations - without costly site visits?

A. Get the Streetwise™ advantage.

Streetwise™ for Ethernet

Our state-of-the-art Streetwise™ for Ethernet platform stems from our unique, subscriber-focused approach to addressing Operators’ service delivery challenges: to deliver the most comprehensive end-to-end app reporting solution available on the market today.

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Streetwise™ for Ethernet

Get Streetwise™

Epitiro Streetwise™ measures YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Tumblr, Dropbox, Gmail plus voice and network KPIs to give you true Quality of Experience insight. Now you can measure and manage what really matters to your Subscribers.

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Get to grips with Wireless App Quality

Streetwise™ software for smartphones measures the the world's most popular apps and network KPIs for the most advanced QoE benchmarking solution available. Powerful field testing and centralized data analysis lets you:

Monitor Coverage, QoS and Subscriber QoE metrics with GPS and A-GPS accuracy

Measure competing networks and technologies including Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

Communicate Service quality metrics that really resonate with users


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Get to grips with Wireless App Quality