Assuring a connected experience

Know how well your mobile services are being experienced in all the places they're being delivered! Epitiro has developed a cloud-hosted solution that allows you to measure the services you’re providing, or consuming, wherever they’re being used.

It's like being there

With Epitiro you can measure your users’ Quality of Service and Quality of Experience from virtually anywhere.

Assure every customers’ LTE & Wi-Fi.

With a simple Epitiro deployment, you can be confident you have visibility, performance information, and alerts from where your service matters – the customers’ perspective and locations!

Measure what matters

Traditional assurance solutions report technical metrics like signal levels and bit-error rates. Our solutions provide these engineering and technical metrics but they they also provide service metrics for the applications your customers use.

For use with business and consumer applications such as:

Measure what matters - where it matters


Manage SSID premium services

Corporate & Educational

Monitor all areas by SSID type (employee, student, guest)

Retail Chains

Discreetly install Wi-Fi Test Probes to test floor coverage

Public Areas

Monitor several base stations with a single device


Understand network performance before, during, and after events such as concerts, sports games, fairs, and parades

Malls & Airports

Monitor for dips in performance during peak periods

How it works