Wi-Fi Radio Scans

Wi-Fi Scan

See all SSIDs, BSSIDs, the radio channel they are being transmitted on, their signal strength and configuration information.

Wi-Fi Layer 2 Scan

In ‘Monitor mode’, the agent will report on all Wi-Fi radios present, including detailed information from Probe Responses and Beacon Frames. Understand channel occupancy, interference, and traffic congestion throughout the day.

Popular Speedtests

Run speedtests using one or more popular consumer test applications, all integrated with your Epitiro agent.
Configure tests to specific server IP addresses – where supported by the test app.

Customizable File and Data Transfer Tests


Measure performance to and from any iPerf3 server, using this popular engineering test. Some agents can also be configured as iPerf3 servers enabling testing to and from agent to agent across your network.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tests can be configured with various file sizes to evaluate network performance with different size payloads.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) tests can be configured to various end-points to understand web performance and other data transfers with this protocol.

Connectivity and Availability Tests


Test to any defined IP address to ensure your services are available on the network.


Ensure your Domain Name System (DNS) services are working effectively and efficiently.


See how your traffic is flowing over your network. Understand how many ‘hops’ it takes and discover where the weak links might be.

Ports Scan

Know which ports are open. Ensure the traffic you want is able to get through, but unwanted traffic is blocked.

Application Tests


Test the performance of any website. Understand reliability, availability, and time to load with detailed analytics data.


Get insights into video performance. Measure the delivered quality, buffering, availability and delays.


Test availability and measure the performance of cloud-hosted file transfer systems.


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