Broadband internet and Wi-Fi service across multi-dwelling units (MDUs), such as student housing and dense corporate offices, must handle the connectivity and traffic of thousands of connected devices. In these most demanding environments, we can help.

With Epitiro, you can continuously monitor end-to-end internet service at numerous critical locations, to ensure the highest possible standards – from speed and performance to accessibility and availability – and receive alerts if there is a problem.

Should a resident get in touch with an internet, LAN or Wi-Fi issue, you can also use our free app to temporarily control their device remotely and run powerful diagnostics, from any location, to resolve connectivity or performance problems.


Continuous monitoring

plug-in an agent or download the app for easy performance monitoring

Ad-hoc troubleshooting

download the app from any device to remotely troubleshoot internet issues

Simple installation

just load the Epitiro app or power up our plug-in agents

Low-cost and high-scale

a solution that scales to hundreds, or thousands, of agents

Remote visibility from any web browser

login to your cloud account for agent control and visibility from anywhere

Real-time interaction

run or pause scheduled/automated tests at any time

Secure end-to-end communications

all messages and communications are encrypted and secure

A library of built-in tests

perform radio scans, throughput measurements, traceroute, iPerf3 and many other tests


CASE 1: A unique and added-value internet benchmarking service centered on Epitiro performance data

Memphis-based tech innovator ROVR Score uses Epitiro to evidence a unique, objective Wi-Fi and internet benchmarking score for MDU and student properties.

The ROVR Score is centered on Epitiro performance data, existing tech inventory and social media feedback – and has been proven to successfully turn leads into leases and to increase monthly lease revenue.

Prospective leasers can enjoy peace of mind knowing how good connectivity really is before they move into a leased property. Property managers are empowered to answer resident queries on internet performance quickly and efficiently by digging into the data, available 24/7.

CASE 2: Remote monitoring/visibility of property internet performance

One of the largest nationwide providers of U.S. MDUs and student housing uses Epitiro to ensure their properties provide best-in-class broadband services, which are essential for attracting tenants and ensuring the satisfaction of thousands of residents.

In student housing, the tenant population will be making intense demands on broadband connectivity, often at the same time of day. Epitiro is used to quality check and troubleshoot issues remotely, minimising downtime and optimising the customer experience.


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