Education institutions need to deliver a seamless digital experience for students, faculty and staff across campus, from lecture theaters to libraries.

Our monitoring solution provides real-time insights into how your internet is performing, ensuring standards are high and resolving issues before they impact productivity.

When students and staff flag problems, our free app swiftly becomes the bridge between you and them, meaning you can remotely control their device to run diagnostic tests, pinpoint issues and resolve them discreetly in the background, from any location. This unobtrusive operation ensures that people can carry on working and learning without interruption.


Continuous monitoring

plug-in an agent or download the app for easy performance monitoring

Ad-hoc troubleshooting

download the app from any device to remotely troubleshoot internet issues

Simple installation

just load the Epitiro app or power up our plug-in agents

Low-cost and high-scale

a solution that scales to hundreds, or thousands, of agents

Remote visibility from any web browser

log-in to your cloud account for agent control and visibility from anywhere

Real-time interaction

run or pause scheduled/automated tests at any time

Secure end-to-end communications

all messages and communications are encrypted and secure

A library of built-in tests

perform radio scans, throughput measurements, traceroute, iPerf3 and many other tests


CASE 1: Keeping students happy in leading educational institutions

With internet connectivity the lifeblood of learning for students, academic institutions are increasingly prioritising Wi-Fi capability.

Leading educational lights, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Hong Kong University, rely on Epitiro to accurately monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi performance in key student areas, from lecture theaters and libraries to cafes and study halls.

“Epitiro gives us unequivocal data we can use to uphold our SLAs with our service providers.”

David Mullenix, VP of Information Technology, Scion

“It’s not just about speed testing. Epitiro also measures availability, accessibility and reliability as well as performance.”

Janis Rossi, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Marketing, ROVR Score


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