If you’re running a campsite in the mountains or a woodland adventure center, your customers may be looking to escape from the demands and stresses of everyday life, but they rarely want to be totally disconnected. Reliable broadband internet is increasingly expected wherever people go.

That’s where we can help.

Our solution continuously tracks your internet performance, ensuring your guests and visitors stay connected, even in the most secluded locations. When issues arise, our agents let your team remotely diagnose and resolve problems swiftly, without compromising your guests’ experience.


Continuous monitoring

plug-in an agent or download the app for easy performance monitoring

Ad-hoc troubleshooting

download the app from any device to remotely troubleshoot internet issues

Simple installation

just load the Epitiro app or power up our plug-in agents

Low-cost and high-scale

a solution that scales to hundreds, or thousands, of agents

Remote visibility from any web browser

log-in to your cloud account for agent control and visibility from anywhere

Real-time interaction

run or pause scheduled/automated tests at any time

Secure end-to-end communications

all messages and communications are encrypted and secure

A library of built-in tests

perform radio scans, throughput measurements, traceroute, iPerf3 and many other tests


CASE 1: Low-cost Wi-Fi visibility for the most remote locations

Remote rural locations like campsites, national parks, wilderness areas and RV parks present huge challenges for Wi-Fi connectivity. Most lack the requisite fibre infrastructure so rely instead on more expensive, lower capacity and less reliable radio technology.

Epitiro plays a vital role for one of the U.S.’s largest providers of rural internet services by offering a low-cost way of measuring, monitoring and troubleshooting connectivity issues remotely.

From Yellowstone National Park to an isolated RV park in the middle of rural Arkansas, Epitiro’s agents provide virtual eyes and ears at the site, helping to minimize internet downtime and provide rural internet speeds which rival those in more built-up areas.

The technology is even leveraged at sea and in harbors and marinas, where a leading U.S. yacht and boat reseller uses Epitiro to monitor and optimize internet service at their boat shows and events.

CASE 2: Managing internet to multiple remote business locations

A multi-billion dollar global property management company uses Epitiro to test and monitor internet performance across remote and often highly distributed commercial property networks around the globe.

As well as providing accurate visibility of internet performance for employers and employees, Epitiro agents also allow the property management company’s internal IT department to check that they are getting the link speeds they are paying for between key network nodes connecting offices.

A provider’s guide to optimizing Wi-Fi in remote areas

How to ensure optimum Wi-Fi connectivity for your most remote, rural customers.


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