Stay Connected to Your Customers’ Wireless Experience Stay Connected to Your Customers’ Wireless Experience User Experience Data From Key Locations Using Virtual Customers

Network Performance – Measured & Monitored
Where It Matters

Stay informed of your Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet service performance and user experience.
Epitiro’s Virtual Customer (ViC) Agents continuously test, report, and notify from any remote location.

Remote Network Bandwidth Monitor for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE

Plug and play!

Industry Leading Features

  • Remotely test and monitor internet speed and performance for multiple networks from a single Agent.
  • Easily configure multiple SSIDs.
  • Assure captive portal and splash page operation and performance.
  • Remotely perform speedtest and trace route tests on demand.
  • Invite your team and customer stakeholders to securely view performance from their desktop or mobile app.
  • Enterprise class administrative features and scalability.
  • Customize your own test schedule and network configurations.

Network and I.T. Service Providers

Deliver the internet performance and user experience you promise!

Deploy Epitiro ViC Agents at each customer site to stay informed, reduce truck rolls and support costs, and improve customer experience.

It’s Easy!

Epitiro ViC Agents monitor your network services end-to-end – providing an accurate reflection of what the end user is actually experiencing.  You no longer have to send technicians on site to resolve problems and you don’t have to waste time trying to rectify things that aren’t broken.  Quick and simple diagnostic testing will highlight where the problem lies, allowing for much faster issue resolution.

Remote Network Bandwidth Monitoring Made Simple

  • Analyze internet performance trends and user experience
  • Find and fix network performance problems
  • Be notified of outages and service degradation
  • Identify poor signal conditions, interference, and spoofing
  • Identify capacity and bandwidth limitations
  • Expedite wireless network performance audits

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Simple pricing – Built to scale!

Get started for only $199

Upgrade at any time!

No recurring fees


  • ViC Agent 3175
  • myEPITIRO Web Portal
  • Test Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet
  • Receive Mobile and Email Alerts
  • Multi-user and Multi-role Functionality
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Analyzer
  • Real-time ViC Agent Control


Advance Features for

IT Service Providers
Managed Service Providers
Small Enterprise

ViC Agent Price ($199*) +

$10 per agent per month (billed annually)

Includes all myEPITIRO Personal Features plus:

  • Customize Your Test Plans and Schedules
  • Automated Testing of Multiple Networks/SSIDs


Ultimate Control and Capability for

Network Service Providers
Mobile Network Operators
Large Enterprise

ViC Agent Price ($199*) +

$15 per agent per month (billed annually)

Includes all myEPITIRO Professional features plus:

  • Captive Portal Authentication Performance
  • Integration with Your BI Tools