If you want continuous internet monitoring, or can’t easily get to distant locations, our agents check service performance remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping to guarantee you and your customers the best possible service.

Monitor Internet Service


  • Set up a myEPITIRO subscription (professional or enterprise) – $10 or $15 a month
  • Either:

    • Plug-in an Epitiro agent at the location where you want to monitor internet performance; or
    • Download our free app onto your smartphone or PC – works on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Apple Macs
  • Sign-in to your myEPITIRO account and remotely monitor, test, measure and diagnose internet service performance, receiving custom alerts when the service is failing to deliver on your KPIs


CASE 1: MDU and student properties

Memphis-based tech innovator ROVR Score uses Epitiro to evidence a unique, objective Wi-Fi and internet benchmarking score for MDU and student properties.

The ROVR Score is centred on Epitiro performance data, existing tech inventory and social media feedback – and has been proven to successfully turn leads into leases and to increase monthly lease revenue.

Prospective leasers can enjoy peace of mind knowing how good connectivity really is before they move into a leased property. Property managers are empowered to answer resident queries on internet performance quickly and efficiently by digging into the data, available 24/7.

MDU Internet Monitoring
Utilities Service Monitoring

CASE 2: Utilities

Whether you work for a utilities company laying the foundations for superfast fibre or an ISP bulk-buying or leasing lines to offer a broadband service, you will need to measure and monitor the performance of the growing network of internet highways.

Integrating a new internet service with an existing network, however, presents many challenges, including how best to join existing nodes, partition subnets, deploy firewalls and shape traffic.

Epitiro is used by leading utilities and broadband service providers to monitor and troubleshoot service performance, providing evidence and assurance for ISPs and their customers that they are getting the levels they were promised – and helping to identify where any issues are.

Remote Monitoring


Find out how Epitiro can help in our 30-minute demo
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Deploy agents in your existing Wi-Fi equipment!

Epitiro agents can be deployed in any suitable hardware, even many Wi-Fi Access Points.
Contact us to learn if an agent can work with your deployed equipment and discover what options are available to add remote monitoring to your existing hardware.

Wi-Fi Internet Monitoring