If you or one of your customers is having internet, LAN or Wi-Fi issues, you can now turn any device into a virtual engineer with our FREE app – no IT experience needed.


  • Set up a myEPITIRO subscription (from $10 per month)

  • Customer complains of poor Wi-Fi or unreliable internet service

  • Ask your customer to download the free Epitiro app to whatever they are using – iPhone, Android, laptop, or desktop

  • Remotely control their app and experience their internet issues exactly as they do

  • Troubleshoot networks, scan Wi-Fi and port availability and run powerful diagnostics to resolve problems in real-time – all without disrupting your client’s productivity


With Epitiro, you can turn your contractors and customers into your virtual engineers.

CASE 1: Large public venue

A customer in Row M in a soccer stadium complains that he cannot access the internet at half-time to check an important work email.

BEFORE EPITIRO: The MSP providing the Wi-Fi service either sends an engineer out for a site visit or asks the IT manager on site to go to Row M, run a speed test, take a screenshot and attach to a mobile message. The MSP only has this one piece of data to try to then resolve the situation remotely.

WITH EPITIRO: The MSP asks the IT manager, or even the customer, to download the free Epitiro app on his cell phone, allowing an engineer at the MSP office instant access to run tests which show the internet experience exactly as the customer in Row M does.

They can run tests from a library of built-in performance and troubleshooting tools – from popular speedtests to traceroutes to radio scans – to pinpoint and address the exact cause of the problem, all without having to leave their office chair.

CASE 2: Remote rural location

A Wi-Fi installation on a remote rural campsite is not working. The ISP claims that “everything is working from their end”. The on-site contractor, however, cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network.

By downloading the free Epitiro app, the contractor allows the ISP access to run any test from the library. They can remotely check that the SSID is being broadcast, at what signal level, in what channel, and with what authentication/security. They can remotely analyze the connection attempts and see if the issue is at the radio connection, the internet service, or simply being blocked by a firewall or a captive portal redirect.

By effectively removing engineer blind spots, Epitiro gives service providers full visibility of all potential causes, allowing them to triage and troubleshoot remotely via a third-party cell phone at the location.


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Deploy agents in your existing Wi-Fi equipment!

Epitiro agents can be deployed in any suitable hardware, even many Wi-Fi Access Points.