Often, the only way you’re made aware of poorly performing Wi-Fi or cellular network in your organization is when a frustrated employee or customer complains. Once you know more about the specific issue—such as if it takes too much time to load a web page or transfer a file via email—you can begin to investigate the problem. Unfortunately, though, without any quantifiable data, you can’t pinpoint what exactly needs to change. By relying on your access point and Internet Service Provider to give you information about your service, you’re missing an important part of wireless performance: your end users’ experience.

Why You Need Data on End-User Experience

For a comprehensive understanding of how your wireless service functions, you’ll need quantifiable data, including a baseline assessment, of how your Wi-Fi or cellular network performs in multiple locations during various times of the day. For example, you’ll want a measurement of how your service performs at the beginning of the workday, when your team members are trickling in and just beginning to log in. But you’ll also want a comparison during peak business hours, when all of your staff are performing tasks online.
This information can tell you several things, including the strength and quality of the network and radio signal. If you find that your Wi-Fi is having consistent issues in certain locations or at specific times of the day, you’ll now have the data you need in order to make appropriate adjustments to ensure that these issues don’t occur again.

Proactive Wireless Management

Proactive management is a critical part of ensuring optimal wireless performance. In this case, you’ll want to set up notifications if your throughput drops drops below a certain number for a period of time, for example. This way, you stay ahead of any possible complaints or issues.

Notably, this data can be compiled into an executive management report for your operations team’s reference. And sharing this information is incredibly easy when the data comes directly to your dashboard, rather than you needing to chase down the details on your own.

Staying Ahead of Wireless Issues

It’s always better to prevent a problem from occurring than to deal with its aftermath. By staying ahead of wireless performance issues, you won’t have to worry about receiving complaints from employees—because you’ll be one step ahead. Of course, you can’t expect to completely remove the human element of frustration—your service may always experience some hiccups. But with a comprehensive internet performance monitoring tool, you can avoid dealing with bigger issues that would cost your organization time and money.

Epitiro helps wireless service providers and customers better understand how their networks and services perform. Our solutions measure and benchmark wireless networks to enable better wireless and business performance. Contact us today for more information about our internet performance monitoring tools—so you can take charge of your wireless performance and stay ahead of customer complaints.