Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate and configure a ViC agent?2018-12-13T15:38:34-05:00
  • Download the myEPITIRO app ( both iOS and Android available). Login using the account email address provided.
  • Plug-in your ViC agent.
  • Follow instructions in your quickstart guide to activate and connect your ViC agent to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the ViC agent is activated and configured, you can move it to a desired location within your business.
  • The sensor starts testing and monitoring your network immediately. However, your first results may take up to 30 minutes to post.
  • A new test cycle starts every 25 minutes. Your mobile app will update results for each test cycle.
Do ViC agents monitor Wi-Fi user transactions or user behavior?2018-12-13T15:40:52-05:00
  • ViC agents only execute periodic network and application performance tests.  ViC agents does not collect any data from Wi-Fi users or about Wi-Fi users.
Can I get alerts and notifications?2018-12-13T15:41:24-05:00
  • The mobile application enables you to receive alerts and notifications delivered to your smartphone and/or email.
Does the ViC agent measure the wi-fi signal?2018-12-13T15:41:53-05:00
  • The agent performs a comprehensive WiFi scan of signals received by all BSSIDs.
Does the ViC agent test multiple SSID’s or access points?2018-12-13T15:42:16-05:00
  • The number of SSIDs that are tested depends on which service plan you subscribe to.
    • myEPITIRO personal and myEPITIRO pro allow for a single SSID and ethernet test. If the SSID is transmitting on 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz, it will test them both.
    • myEPITIRO enterprise allows for multiple unique SSIDs to be tested in each test cycle
How often does the ViC agent test my Wi-Fi? Can I change it?2018-12-13T15:42:37-05:00
  • The test cycle time is dependent on your service plan.
    • myEPITIRO personal = 25 minutes test cycle
    • myEPITIRO pro = 25 minutes test cycle
    • myEPITIRO enterprise = customer chooses test cycle time
Does myEPITIRO support Captive Portal (splash-page) login?2018-12-13T15:43:03-05:00
  • Captive Portal login is supported in myEPITIRO enterprise
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