Monitor Your Wi-Fi Performance

Wi-Fi is essential for organizations of all industries and sizes. For example, mission critical businesses like hospitals rely on Internet connectivity to help make life or death decisions; corporations rely on Wi-Fi to communicate with team members and accomplish their daily tasks.

It’s important to know and understand how your Wi-Fi performs against similar or competitive businesses (and for your own benchmarking purposes); otherwise, the consequences for your business (or for the people in your organization) may be severe.

Here are four reasons you should monitor your Wi-Fi performance.

1. Get What You’re Paying For

Perhaps the most convincing argument for internet performance monitoring is the ability to hold your Internet Service Provider (ISP) accountable to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you signed. If it’s not up to par, thanks to your monitoring efforts, you’ll have quantitative data that you can bring to your ISP to get the problem rectified. After all, no one likes paying for a service that they don’t receive, especially when it’s part of an important business cost.

2. Learn What Standards to Expect

Internet performance monitoring allows you to quickly learn what good service is, what it isn’t, and what standards of performance to expect. Among other insights, you’re also able to answer the following questions:

  • Has something changed on my network?
  • Is my Wi-Fi performance getting better or worse?
  • What time do I experience performance problems?
  • Is my performance consistent?
  • What can be improved upon?

The goal of internet performance measurement is to ensure that your Internet service is good and consistent–consistent being key–and that SLAs are being met. If your Wi-Fi performance has been up to par, that level of service becomes the expectation–and you want to maintain those expectations.

Another perk of Wi-Fi monitoring is that you’re able to learn what your capacity limits are, so you can make changes to your service based on that information. If you anticipate a larger than normal crowd at your organization, you can easily adjust the level of service to accommodate everyone.

3. Don’t Stay in the Dark

If you don’t regularly monitor your Wi-Fi performance, resolving any potential problems may prove to be costly and time consuming. Rather than being proactive, you’ll be reacting to the issue in a time-critical and expensive way while your employees go without service. But if you opt to monitor your Wi-Fi performance, you will know what the issue is ahead of outages or complaints, potentially resolving issues before they become problematic

4. Earn a Massive ROI

The modest investment that comes with monitoring your Wi-Fi can reduce significant business costs that you may incur due to poor and inconsistent service; as a result, this produces a significant ROI.

Because the point is this: you’re running a business where Wi-Fi is critical to the efficiencies of the operations and to your brand. Because you’re able to monitor your Wi-Fi service, you’re able to be proactive about potential issues, which ultimately helps your organization.

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