How we’re using AI and machine learning to create an even better Epitiro solution.

AI for internet performance

NEW Epitiro Expert Analysis

With our AI-powered Expert Analysis function, all measurements and performance data are automatically analyzed by our cloud platform. Using the learnings from millions of measurements and data points the system can identify, analyze, and highlight issues.

Expert Analysis highlights:

  • Inconsistencies in configuration and network settings.

  • Locations with poor Wi-Fi radio conditions.
  • Networks with high connectivity problems.

  • Your custom performance alerts – when they triggered and when they cleared.

Expert Analysis goes beyond automatically identifying issues, it immediately presents the data and analysis, and in most cases suggests a solution or remedial course of action.

For example – The system can identify which Access Points are taking too much traffic and becoming overloaded at key times in the day. You can easily see which neighboring APs could take some load with better design or power management.

With our AI-powered Expert Analysis functionality, you can now get a high-level overview telling you not just what connectivity problems are occurring and where – but why they might be happening.


Epitiro Benchmark

internet reliability

Many fall into the trap of focusing on speed and nothing else when talking about Wi-Fi performance.

In reality, multiple factors come into play and consistency of performance can matter as much as speed.

The internet is a shared road, where performance can vary hugely depending on the other traffic. You need to know not just how fast your connection is, but how well it performs in rush hour.

Epitiro’s new Benchmark tool will first collate thousands of pieces of performance data from multiple sites over any period of time and then use AI and probability density algorithms to create an at-a-glance visual snapshot of which location is consistently performing well – and which isn’t.

Properties which lie outside of the main graph are underperforming in terms of consistency and need your attention. Those in the center are performing most consistently.