The next-generation of remote internet performance monitoring has been launched to help ensure Wi-Fi and mobile data services meet the highest possible performance standards for users.

Epitiro – an innovative system that uses plug and play ‘virtual agents’ to continually measure and report on end-to-end internet services – now offers W-Fi 6 support and provides superior levels of remote, cloud-based access to monitored networks.

The advent of dynamic, real-time management of Epitiro’s monitoring devices allows businesses and managed service providers (MSPs) to dig beneath the surface of high-level performance data, giving them complete control over network testing and troubleshooting using a single web interface.

Users can drill down into the detailed data intelligence via intuitive dashboards, create test schedules, set up performance alerts or update device software, all at the touch of a button.

“We are seeing an ever-increasing need for remote visibility and management of internet services,” said Des Owens, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Epitiro.

“Using remotely controlled, android-based virtual technicians, Epitiro offers an affordable solution that is easy to use and deploy, particularly across multiple locations. The system monitors and reports on speed, service availability, accessibility, reliability, and application performance.

“The latest enhancements, which have been in development for more than nine months, provide increased flexibility, enabling swifter resolution of network performance issues and an improved user experience.”

Wi-Fi 6 support ensures that users making the transition to the latest wireless LAN standard over the coming months are future-proofed.

“High-density, public network environments, alongside heavy-usage homes and businesses, are set to become the early adopters of Wi-Fi 6,” added Owens.

“Ensuring good internet performance standards in these environments is crucial to our connected lives, helping optimise productivity and customer service. We have acted now to ensure that Epitiro is ahead of the game.”