Whoever said Wi-Fi was just the remit of tech nerds and IT boffins, think again. A comedic creative phenomenon is sweeping the wireless waves.

Setting up and connecting to Wi-Fi isn’t just about knowing your LAN from your SSID.

It’s about coming up with a name that tells a story. A name that says something about you or your business. A series of numbers and letters just won’t cut it. And whatever you do, never keep the one you were given by your provider. That’s so last year.

These days (well actually pre and post-COVID days), whenever you connect to the internet in a restaurant, coffee shop, at someone’s house or on the go, you’ll realise just how inventive and creative people are getting with their Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile hotspot names. And how much time they must spend coming up with the elusive name that will impress people with their insider knowledge about the latest Netflix drama or make people laugh about a trending tweet or a play on words about their brand or nick name.

From puns and jokes to song lyrics and political or personal rants, people love to showcase their wit or intelligence through their network naming prowess.

To witness this phenomenon at its best, log on at any army barracks or university campus. Rude and ridiculous wins hands down. The more obscure, outlandish and outrageous the better it seems.

Students and soldiers seem to top the charts when it comes to showcasing their sense of humor. Wi-Fi names are the new banter on the block.

But equally some businesses are using Wi-Fi names to send serious marketing messages to their customers. Meanwhile, people are sending not-so-subtle messages to noisy neighbours, while other neighbours are joining forces to make network listings spell out rap and Rick Astley lyrics. Genius.

The name you choose for your network is your golden opportunity to impress your house guests or clients with your wit and intelligence. It can elevate your social status for being au fait with popular culture and down with the millennials. It can even enable you to entertain or silently argue with neighbours whilst upping your cyber security game.

So, if you thought the world of Wi-Fi was dull, we’re here to dispel that myth. Speed is no longer of the essence. It’s all about the name.

Here’s our round-up of the best attempts at making Wi-Fi witty. The clean and publishable ones at least.  And naming no client names of course!

Cafe freeloaders beware

If you’ve ever worked in a coffee shop or frequent them but can never get a seat, you’ll understand the frustration with customers who seem to think that one skinny latte buys them free Wi-Fi for hours. This Irish cafe christened their Wi-Fi network to spell out the message quiet and clear.


Noisy neighbor comebacks

If you live in an apartment, or a block of flats, it’s likely that you can literally hear the ins and outs and ups and downs of your neighbours’ lives. These two certainly can!

Love is in the airwaves

For the romantics amongst you, try wooing you wife with your Wi-Fi. Who needs a love letter when you can name your network like this?

I now pronounce you man and Wi-Fi

Tell my Wi-F i love her

Corny but clever

Here are the top 10 Wi-Fi names that prove us IT guys are comedians at heart!

  1. Martin Router King
  2. It hurts when IP
  3. I believe Wi can Fi
  4. Life in the fast LAN
  5. No more Mr WI FI
  6. Silence of the LANS
  7. Titanic Syncing
  8. The promised LAN
  9. Wham Bam thank you LAN
  10. Mum click here for internet

You can’t hack me

On a serious note, you should always change your default SSID – even if you can’t come up with something as brilliant as Central Entertainment Exchange. Their staff SSID is ProtectedCEX and their public SSID is UnprotectedCEX. A LAN job well done.

Using the default or a common SSID makes a hacker’s job so much easier. Anyone who has not changed the default network name is immediately labelled as technically clueless whose IT defences are likely to be low grade.

The Dark SSID of the Force

Whether you have many networks or just a LAN Solo, be funny, be clever, be bold and brag but don’t ever reveal any personal details.

It’s time to up your Wi-Fi game – ditch the dull digit chains and express yourself with a cool LAN – private number plates are so passée!


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