Keep your customers and guests informed

Display live network performance information from any remote location:

When you’re responsible for managing the performance of internet, Wi-Fi, or the IT network, you know how hard it is to understand what your users are experiencing, especially when they are located many miles away from you.

With Epitiro you can see the performance, and directly interact with those networks from anywhere in the world. You can easily create dashboards of performance, or current status, and share them with your customers.

Create peace of mind with a common understanding of your network services

Using our Embeddable Charts feature, it is simple to measure and publish the key metrics that are important to your customers.

Track the metrics and performance that matter to you and your customers

You may want to know basic metrics such as Speed and Latency, or you may be more interested in Packet Loss, Connection Success or Time to Authenticate over a captive portal/splash-page. Track what is important for your business and your internet applications.

Measure service availability and identify unexpected outages.

Present interactive charts of internet performance for the last week. Zoom in to see exactly when and for how long service may have been interrupted.

With Epitiro’s remote internet monitoring solution, you always have eyes on your network!

To set-up Sharable content in your myEPITIRO account follow the simple instructions in this article: